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Monster House is a strange, animated CGI Halloween tale about 3 preteen kids who discover that the house across the street is very haunted and wants to consume everything! The children ultimately have to overcome the possessing spirit-in this case, the obese wife of the often-cranky neighbor-to rescue Halloween once and for all! Creepy, spooky but entertaining, Monster House will become one of your holiday films for some time to come. Stars include a memorable Steve Buscemi, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kevin James, and Kathleen Turner.

Erik M.

Audio problem: In the shot where the kids are locked in the police car, banging on the windows yelling at the policemen, their cries are muffled as if the car was totally closed up. As the camera zooms in, you can see the front driver's side window is open so the kids' voices should be much clearer.

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Zee: What is your problem?
DJ: Puberty. Yeah, I'm having lots and lots of puberty.


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Trivia: Stay tuned during the credits, there is a scene with the police officers and the dog that get eaten by the house.


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