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Corrected entry: When they clean up the Hospital When Sherman is washing the floor, of the mental hospital, the paint bucket beside him has brown paint around the edges. But when the shot returns, he has blue paint that he dips the mop into. (00:17:10)

Correction: Since the walls in the room he's in have a brown and blue colour scheme and since the movie at this point is a montage it's fair to say this is not a mistake.


Corrected entry: The other students shouldn't have been accepted. If they filled out the online application, it would've went to either Bartelby or Schraeder and they would've had to send them an acceptance letter in order for them to know they were accepted to South Harmon and to be at "orientation".


Correction: Schraeder made the link "acceptance is just a click away" so it might have told people that they were accepted once they filled out the form. He also probably would have placed the "orientation" date on the website to fool Bartelby's father. Thats why everyone showed up.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: From the time that the four original students are in S.H. and when everyone else comes in, and Rory, Hands, and Glen are on the roof Glen's t-shirt changes.

Correction: I thought this myself but if you look in the background while Hands and "B" are playing video games he is wearing the purple shirt seen on the roof shot.

Corrected entry: Even if the college board gave the school a break on accreditation, they are still guilty of fraud because they took people's money when they were not accredited. This means that they should have been jailed on fraud when they were not. Since the jock from BKE said that if they are found guilty, their lease breaks, we know they were not found guilty because Harmon College would have bought the campus.

Correction: The fraud charges could be easy contended that they were for all intents and purposes a school. The fact that they were not accredited does not automatically constitute fraud - they just simply did not follow proper procedures to setup a school of whatever type it might be.

Corrected entry: After Hoyt sets off the fire alarm in the concert scene everyone continues dancing while being soaked by the sprinkler water. Sprinklers are not generally activated when a fire alarm is manually pulled, rather a sufficient level of heat from a fire automatically triggers the sprinkler.

Correction: This is an old mental facility, I'm sure that all the equipment was fairly outdated and simplistic. In fact, many older fire alarm systems DID (do) trigger the sprinklers when the alarm was pulled.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: Schrader is told that the minimum score on the SAT (for "signing your name") is 600. It is a standardized test with an average score of 1000 - with 1600 as a maximum and 400 as a minimum score.

Correction: The SAT now has a maximum score of 2400 because a writing section has been added. A minimum score of 200 is available for each section (reading, writing, and math), making the lowest possible score 600.

Audio problem: When they first enter the building they are going to use for the fake school, Bartleby tries to put a board back in the ceiling, and a body falls to the ground. Schrader screams, but the scream is heard before he actually opens his mouth. You don't see his mouth open until the camera pans into his character, but the scream is audible about a half-second before the camera movement.

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Uncle Ben: Health insurance my ass! They don't pay for shit. You get sick on a Friday, they only pay from Monday through Thursday. You go to doctor A, they only pay for doctor B. You break your penis, they only fix vaginas.

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Question: Since Bartleby has a talent for computer skills (creating a bogus website, fake IDs), why didn't those skills help him apply to a good college?

Answer: His friend is the one that created the website and all the necessary documents for the fake school. Even if his friend was able to create such a website, this wouldn't change his transcript from high school, which would negate any abilities used to apply to another school. No matter how creative you are in falsifying documents and websites, you can't change your school transcript unless you hack the schools records, and maybe they drew the line at that. He DID apply to many colleges and was rejected by them all, as demonstrated by the beginning of the movie.

Kimberly Mason

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