Accepted (2006)

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Visible crew/equipment: In the scene when the "Blow stuff up with mind" guy is accidentally locked out and says "Is this a test?" the reflection of a camera is seen throughout the whole scene.

Audio problem: When they first enter the building they are going to use for the fake school, Bartleby tries to put a board back in the ceiling, and a body falls to the ground. Schrader screams, but the scream is heard before he actually opens his mouth. You don't see his mouth open until the camera pans into his character, but the scream is audible about a half-second before the camera movement.

Continuity mistake: When Bartleby's father gives him the check for the first semester's tuition, the sweat patterns on Bartleby's shirt change from shot to shot.

Continuity mistake: When 'B' gets the letter from the Ohio State Board of Education, it says their meeting is at 11 AM. When they arrive for the meeting they tell the receptionist it is for 3 PM.

Other mistake: In the scene where Bartleby Gaines is about to speak to the group of people, he starts to adjust microphone and there is feedback heard, but in the next scene you see Rory at a sound board that has nothing plugged in to it, e.g. microphone cables, speaker cables.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where they are counting the tuition money, the money/checks go from being in a pile to being laid out in a row, back to a pile and then back to the same row again.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Hoyt is talking to the Dean of Harmon College while they are in the golf cart, you can see the reflection of the camera rig in the golf cart.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Sherman is in the fraternity house during his rush period, the pool cues he bumped keep switching around within different shots.

Factual error: When Sherman creates the fake college website, he states that it ends in .edu, which can only be given out to an accredited university.


Continuity mistake: During the accreditation scene at the end when Justin Long's character knocks down the chair after his speech, the camera angle changes and the chair is standing in front of him. When the angle changes again it's gone only to change the camera angle again and have one of the students put it upright finally in front of him.

Continuity mistake: When Bartleby is holding open the front door of S.H.I.T. to intercept Hoyt, the door varies from being right on Hoyt's shoulder from a front shot to being over a foot away when looking at him from behind.

Visible crew/equipment: When Hoyt is approaching the South Harmon building the first time to see who owns it (with intentions of buying the land for Harmon) as he walks around the Escalade you can see two large light bars reflected in his rear passenger door.

Factual error: When the sprinklers go off during the S.H.I.T. party, Maurice yells "Wet T-shirt party!" into the mic and the DJ keeps playing with no problems. In reality, that amount of water would quickly destroy the audio equipment, and in all likelihood electrocute people as well. (01:06:15)


Continuity mistake: The fraternity says they have been operating for 153 years at Harmon. In the accreditation scene Harmon says it has been around for 100 years.

Continuity mistake: When Sherman is mopping the floor, there's a brown bucket of paint next to the cleaning bucket, but when the next scene when he accidentally dips the mop in the paint bucket, it's blue paint.

Continuity mistake: When he takes the girl back to his room the door opens one way and he closes it. Next scene the door is open and on the wrong side.

Factual error: Universities in the US are not accredited by state boards but rather by regional organizations. Even if Ohio had an accreditation board, questions of accreditation are not addressed in person by those opposed to a school, but rather by written information in a brief.

Other mistake: When Bartleby is at the court room he said "Sunshine!" And the board of lessons comes in, but when the group entered to find out where there court room is, there's no evidence of them bringing the board in, and even if the student's brought it in, Bartleby wouldn't know the board was behind the door because he stated he didn't know the student's were coming.


Uncle Ben: Health insurance my ass! They don't pay for shit. You get sick on a Friday, they only pay from Monday through Thursday. You go to doctor A, they only pay for doctor B. You break your penis, they only fix vaginas.

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Question: What is the song that is playing when the students are building the ramp, skateboarding, etc. (right after the "what do you want to learn" sequence)?

Answer: It's Holiday, by Green Day.

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