Foxfire (1996)

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Visible crew/equipment: As Maddie starts to walk across the top of the bridge and the shot widens out, the safety cable can be seen dragging along behind her right foot.

Continuity mistake: When the girls kidnap Goldie's dad they walk out of his house and to the Jaguar with keys in hand. The shot gradually switches to an overhead shot as they walk to the car. But even before they get in, exhaust can be seen coming out from the Jaguar indicating it is already running. After they get in, the sound of Maddie starting the car can be heard, even though it was already obviously running.

Continuity mistake: In the final scene when Maddy is talking to Legs on the bridge it is obviously nighttime. When she climbs the bridge and stands up it's sunny. Likely to get the final skyline shot, but a mistake nonetheless.

Continuity mistake: Legs starts to climb up the bridge support with Maddie's art bag. Legs has left her backpack on the ground next to Maddie. After Legs climbs up a bit and tells Maddie what her name is the shot switches to looking down at Maddie and the backpack is gone. When Legs gets to the top of the bridge and Maddie asks her what she is doing, the backpack reappears.

Visible crew/equipment: Rita and Violet are in the grocery store talking about sex. Rita finishes her little song and turns a corner to go down another aisle. In the background are the glass doors of the refrigerated section. In the reflection of the glass the boom mike and the boom mike operator can be seen walking ahead of Rita and Violet.

Madeline "Maddy" Wirtz: This is kidnapping.
Margaret "Legs" Sadovsky: It's only a word, Maddy, don't let it scare you.
Madeline "Maddy" Wirtz: You're what's scaring me.

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