The Wind That Shakes the Barley
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Damien: It's easy to know what you are against, but quite another to know what you are for.

Teddy: It's not too late, Damien.
Damien: For me or for you?

Priest: Not content with stealing your savings, they'll be nationalising the 12 apostles next.

Dan: Right. You're paupers, just like me. Take a look up and down this country and see the amount of volunteers that are involved in land seizures and cattle drives. Now do you want to know why that is happening?
Teddy: That's enough of that now.
Dan: It's not enough of it! The IRA are backing the landlords and crushing people like you and me.
Teddy: You sat down with the IRA last night.
Dan: I'm talking here.

Damien: I tried not to get into this war, and did, now I try to get out, and can't.

Damien: Your presence here is a crime, a foreign occupation. You tell me what I'm supposed to do as a democrat. Turn the other cheek for another 700 years? Is that it?

Damien: Get out of my country.
The Interrogator: What is your name?
Damien: Get out of my country.

Dan: If we ratify this treaty, all we're changing is the accents of the powerful and the colour of the flag.

Damien: And once again, with honourable exception, the Catholic Church sides with the rich.

Damien: It is too late, Teddy. You can't see it. You really can't see it. John Bull has got his hand down your pants, his fist round your bollocks and you can't see it?

Plot hole: When the Black & Tans are shown driving through the village, a blue house is visible behind them. The house has modern PVC windows.

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