A Scanner Darkly

Fred doesn't know he's Bob Arctor, a symptom of his addiction. Donna was posing as "Hank" in order to get him addicted to substance D. She was part of a police operation to infiltrate New Path and determine its funding source. Barris gets arrested. Fred gets diagnosed with a mental disorder and ends up in a clinic with Freck. Eventually he gets sent to a farm to work, where they are growing the flower that Substance D is made from. Donna hopes he will eventually regain his mind and become their "inside man" on the farm. He sees the flowers when he crouches on the ground, and picks one of them to take back to the institution at Thanksgiving.


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Fred: What does a scanner see? Into the head? Into the heart? Does it see into me? Clearly? Or darkly?

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Question: When Bob is looking at a video, he stops at a figure of a woman. He then uses a switch and watches as the woman in the video turns into another woman. Why does he keep going back and forth between the two women?

Answer: It's only one woman in reality. He had sex with a woman named Connie, but woke up next to her later and thought it was his friend Donna. The video showing it as two women is Bob losing his grip on reality due to his addiction to Substance D.

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