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You, Me and Dupree (2006)

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Continuity mistake: Carl and Dupree are having a little party while Molly is at work. When Molly walks in Carl grabs a glass of liquor, and as it cuts back and forth to him it changes from a bottle, to a glass, to a bottle and back to the glass.

Audio problem: Although Michael Douglas' car is on a dirt road during the scene in the desert, the sound effects are for a car peeling out on pavement.

Continuity mistake: When Molly walks up to Dupree when he is on the bench in the heavy rainshower, before Dupree says, "I don't want to talk about it", he is looking straight at her. When the shot changes and he says his line, he is now looking down, not up at her.


Continuity mistake: At the end, at Dupree's book speech, the woman in the front left jumps out of her chair and begins to clap, but in the next shot she is suddenly sitting again, then standing.


Continuity mistake: While Carl explains to Molly that Dupree will be staying with them, you see Molly on the bed and her hands are at her side, yet in the very next shot, her arms are over her head with no time for change.


Continuity mistake: When one of the kids is showing the flyer through a restaurant window, near the end of the scene he is holding it in his right hand. When the shot changes to the interior of the restaurant, he is holding it in his left hand.


Continuity mistake: When Dupree comes outside with only pillows on, he lifts his hands up and yells for Mandy. Barely a second later his hands are back down covering his butt and front side.

Continuity mistake: When Neal is doing push-ups during the football game, a red plastic cup disappears from the floor next to the piano bench.

Continuity mistake: During the stickball game, a UPS truck is parked in a driveway but disappears and then reappears.

Continuity mistake: During the skateboarding scene, the children standing around the ramp, and on the ramp (beside Dupree) appear, disappear and relocate during the scene (from shot to shot).


Continuity mistake: In the dinner party with Molly, Mr. Thompson, Carl and Dupree, the number of crab cakes on the pan in the kitchen changes from two, to four, and then to five or six as the shots switch back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room. There's no time - or reason - for anyone to bring the crab cakes back from the dining room into the kitchen.

Continuity mistake: When Carl comes home from work to find Dupree and Neil watching football, he pours himself a drink. He holds the bottle with no lid on it. As they back in the lounge, Carl now shakes the bottle and it has a lid on it.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Molly is complaining about Dupree changing the answering machine message and ordering HBO, the purse on the dresser switches from a yellow purse, to a pink purse, and back to a yellow purse.


Molly Peterson: When did we get HBO?
Dupree: Yeah, you saw that. I upgraded us, and I'm going to go halfsies on it 'cause I love it also.

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Question: Why do they never show Mandy? They obviously did it on purpose.

Answer: Dupree wants an ideal fantasy woman, inspired by his enjoyment of Audrey Hepburn movies. Molly says that Mandy is a sl*t, but the larger issue is that Dupree needs to be more responsible and stable. I think Mandy was never shown because he never saw the real her. He was living in a fantasy world.

Answer: Most likely just to leave it up to your imagination.

Jason Riley

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