A Prairie Home Companion

Guy Noir (Kevin Kline) asks the mysterious woman/angel Asphodel (Virginia Madsen) to make the company representative/"axe man" (Tommy Lee Jones) go away. She does so by suggesting to him an alternate, dangerous route to the airport and he dies. Lola (Lindsay Lohan) is one of the last to sing during the last few minutes of the show and doesn't sing a song about suicide. The show is cancelled and Guy is one of the last to leave the building before it's demolished. A few years later.. Guy, G.K. (as himself), Yolanda (Meryl Streep), Rhonda (Lily Tomlin), Dusty (Woody Harrelson), Lefty (John C. Reilly) plan a farewell tour. The mysterious woman walks into the diner and approaches them...


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Dusty: Why do they call it PMS? Because Mad Cow was already taken.

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Trivia: Maya Rudolph, who plays the pregnant character Molly, was actually pregnant during the filming of the movie.

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