Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

Stupidity: When Joey is trying to escape from the Cenobites, she bumps into a man who calls her "Baby" and wonders where she's off to in such a hurry, possibly because he's looking for a booty call. The streets are literally on fire (there's a huge flame right next to the man) and buildings are exploding. Even if he's extremely horny, he should still be able to tell a woman doesn't want to stay around with so much chaos and destruction happening around them.

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Suggested correction: The dude was probably high on various types of drugs and probably didn't even know where he was. Just a thought.


Too high to recognize buildings exploding and fires bursting from out of nowhere, but not too high to recognize a woman in distress?

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He didn't recognize much did he? Well, he saw she was female. But not really what was going on.


Continuity mistake: In the first hospital scene, where a kid dies by the hook-tipped chains in the operating room, there is a point where his head just explodes. Later, when Joey opens the door, for a second you can clearly see the kid's body, still with a head.

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Joey: Oh, Doc. No.
Camerahead Cenobite: Have you seen what he did to me, you little bitch? Have you seen?

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Trivia: Peter Jackson was reportedly asked to direct, and while he entertained the notion, he ultimately turned down the opportunity as at the time he mainly worked on broad comedic horror films and felt he would not be a good fit for the material.


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Question: When Pinhead kills JP Monroe, what is the device that is affixed to Monroe's head that is also part of his Cenobite form?

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Chosen answer: It's a piston. 2 piston rods are jammed through his head and they move powered by something unknown. You can see the crank shaft and part of some sort of cylinder. A piston is part of an internal combustion engine. It's part of his cenobite form since he liked cars.


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