The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper

Continuity mistake: A penguin uses binoculars rotated at a 90 degree angle, but the shot of the view through them is composed as if they were being used normally (horizontally level).

Continuity mistake: When the penguins disguise themselves as a snowman, the nose of the snowman is a penguins beak. After they bump into the elevator, there is a carrot lying in the pile of snow. But the carrot was never part of the disguise.

Continuity mistake: When the penguins burst through the window, shards of glass completely cover the whole floor. In the next shot all the glass has completely gone.

Continuity mistake: When Private escapes while the other penguins aren't looking, he doesn't put a bowling pin in his bed to trick the other penguins into thinking he is still there. A few shots later when morning arises, there is a bowling pin in his bed.

Continuity mistake: The old lady wraps Private in red ribbon, and puts a sticker on his chest. However when Private flies out of the stocking, the sticker has vanished.

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