Reeker (2005)

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Henry is suffocated by the fumes emited from reeker, Cookie's weak bladder makes her rush out to an out house, where reeker is waiting to jam a jagged, spiked, motorised brush up her backside. He then goes after Nelson who cornered in his room with reeker under his bed, escapes by leaping through a closed window slashing his throat in the process. Trip dies last next having had his arm snipped off with a pair of hedge clippers earlier on is finished off by having a phumatic drill driven into his gut. Jack gets a drill in the side of his head which somewhat repairs his vision enough so he can see reeker enabling him to pull the gas mask off reeker and see reeker's decomposing face. Gretchen finding that bullets have no effect on reeker (curtosey of Henry's gun), resolves to ram reeker into the rv with her car. Driving away reeker suddenly shows up on the roof of her car, trying to shake him off causes the car to flip over. Suddenly she comes to to find Radford performing CPR on her, stating only she and Jack survived being struck by an RV. He reveals that he was tailing Trip over the theft of his ectasy tablets, when he saw from his rear window their vehicle being struck at some considerable speed by the other vehicle. This was at the time Gretchen pulled over after she found Trip had drugs on him, it was during that argument that the collision occured. The turned over car the five saw earlier on was theres, had they stopped to help they would've realised something was wrong. Officers, Bern, Mansfield and Taylor, show that the driver of the RV was none other than Henry who suffered a heart attack, which is why he drove into the groups vehicle. They state that this whole area is a black spot where alot of traffic fatalities have occured such as the death of a family (in the film's opening). When examing Nelson, Trip and Cookie who died, we see that Nelson went through the windscreen (hence the glass in his neck), Cookie suffered internal injuries and Trip had his arm ripped off from when the car rolled into him and over his torso. So what about The Reeker? Perhaps he is like a carrion crow, when he comes across something that's dying he finishes it off. Or maybe he's just a bringer of death, we're left to make up our own descisons on this.


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Jack: At least you can see.
Trip: Yeah, well at least you can jack off.

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Question: Does the Reeker actually exist? At the beginning of the movie, a man and his family is killed by something but, at the end of the movie, it shows that the death of Gretchen's friends was actually from the auto accident they were in and not from the Reeker.

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