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Aquamarine: But I've learned it's not where you are, it's who you're with.


Aquamarine: Her dad makes the weather?
Claire: No, he just reports it.
Aquamarine: And she's a princess?
Hailey: No, just a royal bitch.

Claire: Hail, did you order a SAND-witch?

Aquamarine: Wow Raymond, you're really good. Bye.

Hailey: And I know there's a reason why everybody wants it so much.
Aquamarine: And what's that?
Hailey: It's the closest thing we have to magic.

Aquamarine: Starfish may be huge suck ups. But they never lie.

Aquamarine: Bullshark.

Hailey: Who ordered "broom" service?

Marjorie: You're never going to get a tan wearing all of those clothes.
Hailey: Or Skin Cancer.
Patty: Please, we don't even smoke.

Aquamarine: You scared the salt out of me.

Aquamarine: Following you around is fun.

Aquamarine: I'm never gonna see him again, and he doesn't care.

Hailey: When you find love, I guess it's really beautiful. I mean, that's what I've read in magazines.

Continuity mistake: When Cecilia is at the water tower looking for Aquamarine, one or both of her earrings are missing. when she gets back to the beach party she now has both of them on.

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Trivia: Throughout the movie, Aquamarine is always eating salt and putting salt in strange things like ice cream. To film these scenes, they had the actress, Sara Paxton, eat sugar instead.

Susan Kirk
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Question: Before Aquamarine showed up, Claire's grandmother told the girls that there was going to be a storm. Later, the girls learn that the storm that night was caused by Aquamarine's father getting angry. How did Claire's grandmother know that there was going to be one, unless she knows Aquamarine's father?

Answer: Because caused by mythical sea-dwellers or not, storms always have telltale signs beforehand, like darkening skies, or the wind changing temperature and strength.

Susan Kirk
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