Anne of the Thousand Days
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Anne: You make love as you eat, with a great deal of noise and no subtlety.

Anne: Won't you kiss your daughter?
King Henry viii: I will kiss her when she's older - and when she has a brother.

Anne: Doesn't do that well. Not as well as I've known it done. But it's the one arm I want - for some God-knows-what reason. You do everything badly - everything awkwardly - and I love it the way you do it.

Queen Katherine of Aragon: She's new.
King Henry viii: The Boleyn's youngest daughter, newly returned from the French court. Do you like her, Kate? Shall I keep her here at court to cheer you?
Queen Katherine of Aragon: Whatever you command, my lord.
King Henry viii: Suppose I command you to give me a son?
Queen Katherine of Aragon: Were it to God I could, Henry.
King Henry viii: Amen, but you cannot - because our marriage is a curse in heaven and hell, madam.

King Henry viii: I am accursed! A live daughter and a dead son! Did I accept excommunication for this? Did I send More and Houghton and Fisher to their deaths for this? She cannot give me a living son! Very well then, if she cannot give me a male heir, I shall rid myself of her.

King Henry viii: I never married Katherine - England married Spain.

King Henry viii: Mistress Anne, will you teach the king of England how they dance in the French court?
Anne: There is nothing that France can teach England, your majesty.
King Henry viii: Well said. Well said.

Revealing mistake: In the scene in which Mark Smeaton is being tortured to force a confession, the actor's mouthful of modern silver tooth fillings are plainly visible as he screams.

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