The Break-Up
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Gary: Come on, grab some sky.

Marilyn Dean: Go and show Gary your immaculate canvas, and another man eager to paint it.

Gary: Fate has me highly skilled and loaded with talent.

Gary: Couple quick ground rules: Please, don't jump off the bus. Weird. Not fun for anybody. Also, no throwing objects at pedestrians. Unless, of course, they deserve it, okay?

Marilyn Dean: Discover a path... that doesn't lead back here.

Gary: Please don't touch my ruffles. Put that one back.

Gary: Listen, Lassie, and listen good. I'm not saying he's not gonna get married. I'm not saying he's not gonna have kids. If it does happen, his wife is gonna come home, and find him with his Tiajuana lover clubbing each other with Yanni's greatest hits.

Gary: I'm the one who should be sorry, Brooke. I shouldn't sit here and pick on your art, because you've got the 'nuts' down, Picasso! All you have to do is cut off your frigging ear.
Brooke: That's Van Gogh, you idiot. Your insults are much more effective when they're accurate.

Marilyn Dean: What is this problem... so severe... that has caused you to blaspheme in the Synagogue of Marilyn Dean?

Brooke: My sister has been through a lot.
Gary: ...of dick.

Lupus Grobowski: Arrested for what, baby? For being awesome?

Gary: You push yourself and push yourself trying to achieve the impossible, because you know what that moment comes, everything you've done has prepared you for victory.

Revealing mistake: When Gary and his friend are drinking Bud in the bar, the Bud label moves between shots to keep facing the camera. Gary doesn't touch the bottle.

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Trivia: Marilyn Dean tells Brooke (Jennifer Aniston) to go see her personal waxer at the spa and to ask for the "Telly Savalas". Telly Savalas was Jennifer Aniston's godfather. (00:56:00)

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