The Train Robbers

The Train Robbers (1973)


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Directed by: Burt Kennedy

Starring: Ann-Margret, Ben Johnson, John Wayne, Rod Taylor

Genres: Western

Movie Quote Quiz

Sam Turner: All we want to know is what we rode here for.
Lane: What a gun rides anywhere for - money. The more of it the more chances you take.

Calhoun: What about the woman?
Lane: What about her?
Calhoun: She part of it?
Lane: She's all of it.
Calhoun: What's that supposed to mean?
Lane: None of your damn business.

Lane: If anyone tries to cross that river before we're out of sight - baptize 'em.

Lane: Gold has a way of bringing out the larceny in all of us, Mrs. Lowe.

Calhoun: Someone said this gold was already dug.
Lane: Keep digging.

Lane: I got a saddle that's older than you are, Mrs. Lowe.

Continuity mistake: At the start of the movie the train pulls into town. The loco, tender and 2 stock wagons pass the water tower, but the next shot shows the loco still alongside the water tower.

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