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Marie Antoinette (2006)

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Deliberate mistake: In the scene where Marie is trying on shoes, a pair of powder blue high top Converse sneakers can be seen next to her feet. It must have been done intentionally, but since there is no trace of modern apparel anywhere else in the film (the closest would be the mere mention of hot pink dress fabric but, as it's not shown, we don't know what exactly Marie calls "hot pink") these shoes (and the fabric) can't be considered part of a thematic element or artistic license. (00:55:35)

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Revealing mistake: Marie-Antoinette is shown to always be naked under her chemise, as was customary back them. But Kirsten Dunst's underwear can be seen through it many times in the movie, especially when she is going to bed and the chemise stretches over her body.


Factual error: Marie Antoinette has moved into her new vacation home following the birth of her daughter. Her friends are visiting, she is walking through the field of wildflowers, and she blows a ladybug off her finger. The camera pans upward to show her gazing at the sky. There is a very obvious vapor-trail from a large airliner cutting through the center of the camera shot, from one side of the screen to the opposite, predating jet-liners by over 150 years. (01:25:25)

Continuity mistake: At the end when Marie is sitting in the bed and the knock at the door startles her, her dressing gown is off her shoulder and then up on her shoulder when she sits up.


Continuity mistake: In the last scene, inside the coach, Marie Antoinette looks out the window at the palace garden. Louis asks if she's admiring her new lemon tree avenue; she answers she's only saying goodbye. If you look at the view of the window when Louis asks the question, you can see half of the fountain and the lemon tree avenue quite close. Next frame, when Marie answers, you can see almost the whole fountain and the lemon tree avenue quite far from where the coach is.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning, when Marie Antoinette gets into the carriage she is on the left side, but when the camera focuses on her again she is sitting on the right side. Also, she is wearing a blue dress when she arrives at the tent, but when she gets out of the carriage her dress is white.

Continuity mistake: Marie Antoinette's brother, the emperor, meets with Marie and takes a bite of some pink cookie, he then puts it on the table. In the next shot, the cookie is back and untouched at the place he took it from. (01:15:40)

Visible crew/equipment: Marie tells Louis that she would be devastated if her sister in law becomes pregnant before her, right before he leaves for a hunt. She walls down the corridor and stands for about 10 seconds, then walks away, if you look at the floor you can see her mark taped to the ground.

Marie-Antoinette: I wish I could go with you.
Count Fersen: I should kidnap you.

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Question: Why did Marie take baths with a nightgown on?

Answer: That was just the custom then. Total nudity was considered inappropriate, if not immoral, even when bathing, which people did infrequently or not at all because it was thought to be unhealthy.

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