The Horse Soldiers

The Horse Soldiers (1959)


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Major Kendall: I don't understand a man like Miles giving up that easily.
Col. John Marlowe: Maybe losing that arm took some of the fight out of him.
Major Kendall: No... the man I knew could lose both arms and still try to kick you to death.

Major Kendall: Now come off it Colonel, even you were born.

Union Soldier: They're just kids from a military school.
Soldier: Yeah, but they keep comin'.

Miss Hannah Hunter: Major Gray, an actor... and Colonel Secord almost a senator... but Colonel Marlowe, you must be a professional soldier.
Col. John Marlowe: No, prior to this current insanity I was a railroad engineer.

Jackie Jo: Hey there - we're Confederates, but we ain't hostile - honest.

Major Kendall: How old are you?
Soldier: Thirty-two, sir.
Major Kendall: Stand with that group over there.

Factual error: Towards the end when the cavalry uncovers the American flag, it has 50 stars.

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Trivia: This movie is based (loosely of course) on an actual Civil War raid led by Colonel Benjamin Grierson. See: "Grierson's Raid: A Cavalry Adventure of the Civil War" by Dee Brown.

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