The Horse Soldiers

The Horse Soldiers (1959)

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Factual error: Towards the end when the cavalry uncovers the American flag, it has 50 stars.

Factual error: The train that pulls into Newton Station with Confederate soldiers has freight cars of modern construction. This can be seen by the newer type trucks, unlike the 'arch-bar' trucks of the period.

Continuity mistake: When Colonel Marlowe blows the bridge near the end of the film, a pair of spectacular explosions ensue, tossing planks and beams into the air. However, as Hannah Hunter gazes at his retreating form, the bridge is still intact.

Factual error: The movie takes place in 1863, however, the Union cavalry troops are equipped with Springfield "Trapdoor" carbines, a weapon not introduced until 1873.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where the soldier has to have his leg amputated, when a soldier steps over him, he accidentally hits the knife, which bends, revealing it's a rubber prop.

Factual error: The Confederate deserters played by Denver Pyle and Strother Martin claim to be from the 10th Georgia Infantry. This is unlikely in the summer of 1863 because it was part of Semmes' brigade of Longstreet's Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia at that time and was campaigning in Pennsylvania-or, depending upon when the movie is supposed to have taken place, recovering from its losses at Gettysburg. Certainly it was no where near Mississippi.

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Suggested correction: As stated by the sheriff, they were deserters. Couldn't they have left their unit and returned to Mississippi?

Factual error: The movie takes place before the fall of Vicksburg which happened on July 4, 1863. Yet at the beginning of the movie there are two references to Andersonville (Camp Sumter), the notorious Confederate prison in Georgia. Andersonville did not receive its first prisoners until February, 1864.

Factual error: The two Confederate deserters played by Denver Pyle and Strother Martin fire at least 12 shots within a minute in their encounter with the federals. That is quite a feat using muzzle loading single short rifles of 1863 vintage.

Continuity mistake: In Lukie's death scene there are 2 different Union soldiers holding her on the left side of the screen, when Dr. Kendell is working on her and then when he tells Hannah "she's gone."

Major Kendall: Now come off it Colonel, even you were born.

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Trivia: This movie is based (loosely of course) on an actual Civil War raid led by Colonel Benjamin Grierson. See: "Grierson's Raid: A Cavalry Adventure of the Civil War" by Dee Brown.

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