The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

Continuity mistake: At the beginning, Buckaroo tests his oscillation overthruster. Sitting in his test vehicle he's wearing a wrap-around mirrored visor that reflects a full panorama of the desert area in front of him. There is a thick black divider running down the center of the windshield that is missing from the reflection. Also, since it is a panorama seen on the visor, the edges of the front windshield should be reflected on the sides.

BocaDavie Premium member

Plot hole: When Buckaroo is speaking with the president via video call (with John Parker by Buckaroo's side), New Jersey is explaining the reason humans can't see the aliens from planet 10, is a result of bacteria produced by the aliens which is then absorbed by humans via their olfactory senses, affecting their cerebral cortex. If this is the case, why doesn't the president see John Parker in his true alien persona. He can't smell him through the television. (01:04:50 - 01:05:40)

Nicholas Fabrio

John Parker: Buckaroo Banzai.
Buckaroo Banzai: What?
John Parker: There is little time. You'd better come quickly if your planet is still important to you.

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