America's Sweethearts

America's Sweethearts (2001)

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Continuity mistake: When they are driving to the hotel both the limos have tinted glass, but when they arrive at the hotel John Cusack's limo no longer has tinted glass - we clearly see him inside the car, although the camera's outside.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie where they're at the premiere and John Cusack's confessing that he is in love with Julia Roberts, they cut back and forth from him to her several times. You can see that when he's talking to her and the camera is on him Seth Green is standing to the right in the back, but as soon as they cut to Julia Roberts to see her reaction Seth is suddenly gone with in a split second.

Continuity mistake: When Billy Crystal is running back and forth between the two limousines, when they stop in the middle of the desert, he barely stops talking to Catherine Zeta Jones and Julia Roberts. He starts to run to the next car and the window that was just rolled down while he was talking to them is completely rolled up, yet he hadn't even left the side of the car. The window had been open less than a second before.

Continuity mistake: Catherine Zeta-Jones' hair is straggly when she is sitting next to John Cusack before they are about to start the press junket for their movie. But when the junket begins, the part in her hair has changed and her hair is silky. There was no time for this change to happen.

Continuity mistake: When Julia Roberts was having breakfast in John Cusack's suite, the toast that John made for Julia was darker before she took a bite into it and another shot. It appears that the second toast looked whiter.

Revealing mistake: In the movie when they are setting up the new junket hotel for reporters, it's stated there is a brand new Hyatt in the desert that is just opening. However, when it's shown for the very first time, the white line and word "stop" written on the pavement are faded, indicating they've been there a while.

Revealing mistake: During the limo ride to the hotel, the gearshift of John Cusack's limo can be seen in the park position every time they show his driver, even before they pull over to decide who will arrive first.

af4dable Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Cusack arrives at the hotel, he sits down and talks with Crystal. The position of Cusack's left hand has no continuity at all throughout the whole scene.

Sacha Premium member

Eddie: I'm grateful for the earth... I'm grateful for the stars and the sky.

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