The Keeper

The Keeper (2004)

Ending / spoiler

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Krebs reveals to Gina that his mother was a stripper who when she tried to return to her old job was murdered by her husband in a jealous rage (hence his fixiation with strippers). Which caused his dad to start locking up his son for weeks (explaining the jail cells). Ruthie shows up trying to blackmail Kerbs over seeing him with Gina saying she sent an email with Gina's picture to her boss using Kerb's computer. Kerb responds that his computer's down and stabs her. Kerb decides to drown Gina in a lake by locking her in a car trunk and shoving it into said body of water, only for Gina to stun him with an implement. However he manages to slam the trunk lid down and the car starts rolling into the lake, leaving Sgt. Burns having to come and rescue her, as he drags her out of the car he gets stabbed by Kerb who Gina then blows away with the gun she took from Burns. She fingers Joe Cody 'Man in Black rapist/killer' (in a line up) who violated a friend of hers. She is offered a ride to a bus station but decides to taxi.


Continuity mistake: Roland had given Nikita a necklace to wear with a tracking device in it. Nikita is shown talking to her dad with necklace on then she goes to pool house to talk with Roland and necklace is absent.

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