United 93

The passengers of United 93 devise a plan to stop the terrorists by getting two passengers to the front who have both flight and air traffic control experience. They try to keep it quiet for awhile until the terrorist (with the bomb) turns his back on them for a second. The passengers scream and run towards the terrorist, beating him within an inch of his life, and discovering that his bomb was fake. They make their way to the front of the plane, where they fight off the younger terrorist who was kept out of the cockpit. Once they deal with him, the terrorist piloting the plane starts to shake the plane about to stop them from breaking through the cockpit door. After much struggle, the passengers eventually break through the door, and grab the two terrorists flying the plane. The plane plummets into a nosedive and rolls upside down before crashing.

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Continuity mistake: After the hijackers have taken over the plane, the blond flight attendant's hair, styled in a French Twist, keeps changing from messy (presumably from the chaos) to as smooth and neat as when she boarded the plane. She's never offscreen long enough to have simply fixed it. Not until the passengers revolt does it remain disheveled.

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Honor Elizabeth Wainio: Hi, Mom, it's me. I'm on the plane that's been hijacked. I'm just calling to tell you that I love you, and goodbye. This really kind woman handed me the phone and she said to call you.

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Trivia: The FAA National Operations Manager, Ben Sliney, was played by himself. September 11/2001 was also his first day on the job.

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Question: In the beginning of the movie, why were the hijackers shaving their chests and genital areas? Is this some kind of religious ritual?

Answer: Muslims are supposed to remove their pubic and armpit hair at least every 40 days. It is part of being clean and they would want to be as clean as possible while committing an act on behalf of their religion.


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