The Great Race
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Professor Fate: Leslie escaped?
General: With a small friar.
Professor Fate: Leslie escaped with a chicken?

Max: Rise and shine, Professor.
Professor Fate: You rise! You shine.

Prince Hapnick: You! You're the cause of it all! It was your idea.
General: No, no your highness... Baron von Schtupp.
Prince Hapnik: I don't care, I don't care! You're banished. I'm getting a new tucker-inner! Banished, banished, banished.

Maggie DuBois: Max, you little rat! I'll get you for this.

Professor Fate: Sh-sh-sh-sh-shut up.

Leslie: Are you a native of Borracho?
Lily Olay: I ain't no native, I was born here.

Max: Here come the Marines.

Professor Fate: She's his Achilles heel, she's our ace in the hole - she must not be left behind.

Cowboy: He's lucky Texas Jack ain't around... he'd gun that dude for sure.
Professor Fate: Pardon me, Mr. Pahd-nuh, who is this Texas Jack?
Cowboy: WHO'S texas jack?
Professor Fate: Who?
Cowboy: The roughest, toughest gunslinger in these parts... Lilly's his girl.
Professor Fate: Whoo, hoo, hoo... Lilly's his girl.
Max: Terrific.

Professor Fate: What's next?
Max: Car number five, the engine falls out.
Professor Fate: Car number five! Ha ha ha ha... Er, Max, we're number five.

Texas Jack: Now, can I get me some fightin' room?

Maggie DuBois: You mean amazing because I'm a woman.

Professor Fate: What'd I tell you? I said she'd win the race for us, the bubble-headed vixen.

Mayor of Boracho: Citizens of Borracho.

Leslie: Minutes have made the difference in survival, Miss DuBois.

Professor Fate: The world is mine.
Max: The world is ours.

Leslie: It's been my experience, General, that there is little advantage to winning if one wins too easily.
Prince Hapnik: Rah! Oh oh, rah! Oh rah! Oh rah ah ah! What do you think of that, General?
General: An admirable point of view, for anyone but a soldier. In my profession, to win is imperative. To win easily is a blessing.

Continuity mistake: When the Leslie Special is rolled out to be presented to the Great Leslie the red carpet in the front view starts at the building alignment. The aerial shot as seen from Professor Fate shows a wide gap between the building alignment and the red carpet.

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Trivia: Natalie Wood attempted suicide during the making of The Great Race.

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