Cat Ballou

Cat Ballou (1965)


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Cat: You won't make me cry. You'll never make me cry.

Kid Sheleen: Guns, bottles, fists, knives, clubs - all the same to me. All the same to you?

Cat: Why do men always think marriage is the only thing on a woman's mind?

Cat: All right! You all say you love me and are beholden to me, and "take it easy Cat. We're gonna take care of you!"

Kid Sheleen: Let's have a drink for old times' sake.
Butch Cassidy: Old times' sake? That means you got no cash.

Frankie Ballou: Well now, there's a game for a sheriff - liar's poker. We got our unemployed off the street and made Wolf City safe all in one brilliant stroke.

Jackson Two-Bears: Kid, Kid, what a time to fall off the wagon. Look at your eyes.
Kid Sheleen: What's wrong with my eyes?
Jackson Two-Bears: Well they're red, bloodshot.
Kid Sheleen: You ought to see 'em from my side.

Jed: Build you life anew, ma'am. This studyin' on revenge is just turnin' your back on the future and lettin' the dead past eat at your heart.

Cat: You killed my Father.
Sheriff Cardigan: Oh, that can't be. He's been sitting right there all morning.
Cat: No, I saw him.
Man #1: He hasn't been out that rocker all morning long.
Man #2: It's a fact.
Cat: Why do you say that?
Sheriff Cardigan: Just telling the truth.

Cat: Some gang! An Indian ranch hand, a drunken gunfighter, a sex maniac, and an uncle.

Cat: And the first time I ask you to do something for me, like rob one little train.

Cat: I thought you were lying.
Clay Boone: You mean I wasn't?

Frankie Ballou: You'd like a drink better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stub, wouldn't you?

Cat: Oh, look at that: a painting on the ceiling.
Sir Harry Percival: Oh, yes. That's a Tintoretto.
Cat: I'll say it is.

Cat: Mrs. Parker didn't introduce us, I'm Catherine Ballou.
Jed: I'm drunk as a skunk.

Cat: Jackson, what's happening?
Jackson Two-Bears: It's ghost sickness.
Cat: What's that?
Jackson Two-Bears: In this Indian religion, see, we believe what the gods did when they made a man crazy was they made him fall in love.

Clay Boone: I've never seen a man get through a day so fast.

Jackson Two-Bears: He's a murderer, a hired killer. His nose was bit off in a fight.
Frankie Ballou: If I was gonna be scared, I'd be scared of the fella who bit it off, not him.

Kid Sheleen: Cut your throat, Cassidy.

Revealing mistake: In the scene at the end of the movie where Lee Marvin is running interference during the escape by shooting in the air, horses pulling a beer wagon get startled and run into the street where the wagon turns over. At the beginning of the shot, when the horses begin to bolt, you can see the stuntman driving the wagon. He is sitting low behind the wooden front of the wagon (which has holes cut in it so he can see out).

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