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Corrected entry: In the scene where Rose and Cybil are hiding from the monsters of Silent Hill they enter a room with a large fan in the background. During this scene a big man holding a really large knife/sword punches a hole in the large metal door they are hiding behind to let the creatures into the room. Now when the "darkness" disappears the hole seals itself up and when they exit from the room, the door appears to be a regular wooden door.

Correction: This is not an error - when the door hole closes up and the door goes back to being wooden, it is because the world is "switching" over to regular Silent Hill after being "Dark" Silent Hill.

Nicole Coleman

Corrected entry: When Rose first meets Cybil, she is wearing sunglasses, even though it is too dark for them.


Correction: Cybil is an officer riding a motorbike. She wears the sunglasses at all times to protect her eyes from the wind, bugs, and road grit while driving. During the day they protect her eyes from sunlight, and at night they protect her eyes from the headlights of oncoming cars which would otherwise render her temporarily "blinded" while her eyes readjusted to the darkness.

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Corrected entry: When Cybil speaks to Sharon in the car, Sharon's comment is that she doesn't talk to strangers. Three quarters of the way through the film you see Sharon in Dahlia's house. If Sharon doesn't talk to strangers then why is she in her house?

Correction: Because she is being controlled by Alessa, just like she was during her "sleepwalking" episodes shown and discussed at the beginning of the movie.

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Corrected entry: Rose's mobile phone remains unblemished throughout the whole movie, despite at one point all of Rose's top under her cardigan being covered in blood.

Correction: The phone is plastic. Plastic wipes clean pretty easily. Just because we don't see her do it, does not mean she doesn't.

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Corrected entry: When Rose returns to her car for the first time we see her retrieve her mobile phone from the compartment between the two front seats. In the following shot, as she's trying to call her husband, the phone is miraculously attached to a strap around her neck where it stays for the rest of the film. At no point in between do we actually see her place the neckstrap on.

Correction: Actually when she calls her husband there's a very quick shot of her putting the strap around her neck.

alex garrido

Corrected entry: Rose retrieves a working flashlight from the main desk of the Midwich School. After being abandoned for 30 years, the batteries in the flashlight should have already expired and hence the flashlight should not have been working.

Correction: The Silent hill in which Rose is in, is actually an alternative reality, as shown when both her and her husband are in exactly the same spot in the school but neither could see each other only sence each other. So it is not unlikely that batteries and the such act differently in an alternative reality.

Mad Ade

Corrected entry: After Cybill is burned alive and the ladder is pulled back up, you can see that her corpse is completely burned from head to toe, while the ropes holding her and the wooden ladder on which she is suspended are completely unburned and are still holding her body.

Correction: This is Alessa's purgatory for all those who hurt her. It's not the "real world" so the normal laws of physics don't apply. Shortly after this scene Alessa comes out and attacks everyone with barbed wire tentacles: the normal laws of physics don't apply.

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Corrected entry: When Cybil caught on fire, neither the rope or the wood she is attached to catch fire. They are both flammable and should have gone into flames.

Correction: Since they were to be used for this purpose, and they didn't want the body falling into the fire sending a blast of hot ash onto everyone in the room, they were likely covered in a flame retardant substance.

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Corrected entry: When both Rose and Cybil first encounter one of Silent Hill's "eerie" residents, the walking acid vomiting zombie, both their radios and mobile phone react with static, as they do in the game. Yet they react at no other time when any other creatures are near.

Mad Ade

Correction: This is a discrepency between the mediums, not a film mistake. It is never stated *why* the phone reacts this way, so there is no requirement for it to do so every time.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Rose is being chased by the cop, the radio static begins. The time on the clock is 9:29. Then after the shot of the two of Sharon screaming, Rose attempts to change the station/fix the radio. The time on the clock while she is doing this is 9:28.

Correction: Again, the whole "being in Silent Hill" thing can affect anything and everything and it's quite possible that time has been displaced whilst being there.

Dave Woollin

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rose is in her car and being chased by Cybil, the radio static starts up. Whenever the shot shows the radio, the speedometer can be seen in the background. However, the speedometer is always pointing to 0, even though they are speeding down the highway.

Correction: Rose is now in Silent Hill, the radio in the car is already freaking out so is it not possible that the speedometer would go crazy too?

Dave Woollin

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Continuity mistake: After the car crash, as Rose walks down the road calling for Sharon, the cut above her left eyebrows disappears for one shot.

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Trivia: The scene in which Rose runs through the alley after waking up from the crash is an (almost) exact duplicate of a scene in the original Silent Hill game.

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Question: Can somebody out there explain the ending for me? It made no sense. Someone told me they believed the mother and daughter, as well as the cop died in the accident and they were trapped in the town. However I don't buy that as the father and the other police found no bodies in the crash.


Chosen answer: They did not die in the accident. Rather, Alessa's rage and the demon's power caused the town of Silent Hill to fracture into at least three different "dimensions" that we know of (the real world, "fog world" and "other world", plus potentially others). Rose and Sharon are unfortunately stuck inside of one of those alternative realities. The sequel also confirms that they are very much alive.

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