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Brendan Frye: You got a cigarette?
Tugger: I don't smoke.
Brendan Frye: I've seen you smoke.
Tugger: I don't smoke cigarettes.

Brendan Frye: I've got knives in my eyes, I'm going home sick.

Kara: You better be sure you wanna know what you wanna know.

Laura Dannon: Do you trust me now?
Brendan Frye: Less than when I didn't trust you before.

Brendan Frye: Your muscle seemed plenty cool putting his fist in my head. I want him out.
The Pin: Looky, soldier.
Brendan Frye: The ape blows or I clam.

Brendan Frye: I want to keep you safe.

Brendan Frye: Hire another hash head to blade me?
Dode: Don't need no blade, Shamus. I just gotta squawk.
Brendan Frye: What do you want?
Dode: Just to see you sweat.

The Brain: So what's the word with Em?
Brendan Frye: She's gone.
The Brain: Can't raise her?
Brendan Frye: No, I can't.

Brendan Frye: Which wall's the door in?

Brendan Frye: No more of these informal chats! If you have a disciplinary issue with me, write me up or suspend me and I'll see you at the parent conference.

Brad Bramish: What are you doing here?
Brendan Frye: Leaving.

Brendan Frye: So now we've shaken the tree. Let's wait and see what falls on our heads.

Brendan Frye: Maybe I'll just sit here and bleed at you.

Brendan Frye: I don't want you to come kicking in my homeroom door because of something I didn't do.

Kara: Now, last time I checked, you were giving ultimatums.
Brendan Frye: It worked. You went to Laura, didn't you? Told her my tale.
Kara: Part of the plan?
Brendan Frye: Turned out to be.
Kara: I feel so cheap and used.
Brendan Frye: God, I must seem a real cad. Sometimes I just hate myself.

Assistant VP Gary Trueman: You've helped this office out before.
Brendan Frye: No, I gave you Jerr to see him eaten, not to see you fed.
Assistant VP Gary Trueman: Fine. And very well put.
Brendan Frye: Accelerated English, Mrs. Kasprzyk.
Assistant VP Gary Trueman: Tough teacher?
Brendan Frye: Tough but fair.

Brendan Frye: No, bulls would gum it. They'd flash their dusty standards at the wide-eyes and probably find some yegg to pin, probably even the right one. But they'd trample the real tracks and scare the real players back into their holes, and if we're doing this I want the whole story. No cops, not for a bit.

Brad Bramish: I mean, am I crazy? Huh? I mean, this is all I am trying to say here. Okay. If you put me in the game, Brad Bramish, is going to do what needs to be done! Okay? But they don't put me in, what needs doin' ain't gonna get done! Huh? And then, don't come crying to me!"Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!" If you don't let me play.

Brendan Frye: Who's she been eating with?
The Brain: I don't know. That's, um, that's hard to keep track of.
Brendan Frye: Is it?
The Brain: It can be - it can be hard to keep track of those things because lunch - lunch is a lot of things, lunch is difficult.

Continuity mistake: After Brendan throws the clock at Kara's mirror, there is a shot of Kara with the broken mirror behind her. Brendan is shown backing up into the doorway. But if you look at the doorway in the reflection, you'll see that Brendan is not there. And in the next immediate shot, he instantly reappears.

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