It's revealed that Tugger (Noah Fleiss) killed Emily (Emilie de Ravin), whom he had a relationship with after she broke up with Brendan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Tugger then kills Dode, who brought Tugger, Brendan, and The Pin (Lukas Haas) together to identify Emily's killer. Dode believes that Brendan killed her, but Tugger kills Dode because he thinks the blame would be put on him. Afterwards, Tugger and The Pin have a late night meeting, moderated by Brendan, to make peace and to ensure that The Pin--the biggest drug dealer in town--won't be implicated in the murders. Just before the deal is made, The Pin wants to make sure that his final brick of heroin is unspoiled (a previous brick went missing, came back spoiled, and a henchman slipped into a coma after taking a dose). Brendan volunteers to take a dose of the heroin, but when a henchman goes to retrieve it, a violent brawl takes place upstairs. One of The Pin's henchmen returns to the meeting room with a mortal bullet wound, and reveals that the brick is gone. The Pin, enraged by the theft of another brick, implies that Tugger and his men stole it. Tugger is infuriated by the insinuation and proceeds to beat up The Pin. Brendan seizes Tugger's gun and backs away from the meeting room as The Pin cries desperately for his help. Because Brendan arranged for the police to arrive and doesn't want to be caught in the raid, he kicks the gun into the room and quickly flees. The next day, Brendan meets with Laura (Nora Zehetner). She tells him that Tugger killed The Pin, was killed during an attempt to shoot his way through the police, and is connected to the murders of Dode and Emily. Brendan then confronts Laura with the accusation that she was the one who took the first stolen brick, framed the theft on Emily, and then also stole the final brick, knowing that it would turn The Pin's hideout into a slaughterhouse. Brendan tells Laura that he left a note for the assistant vice principal (Richard Roundtree), whom we see opening Laura's locker and finding the brick.

Visible crew/equipment: When Brendan is talking to V.P. Trueman, a boom microphone is seen moving in the reflection of a picture frame to the left of Trueman.

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Brendan Frye: You got a cigarette?
Tugger: I don't smoke.
Brendan Frye: I've seen you smoke.
Tugger: I don't smoke cigarettes.

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