American Dreamz

American Dreamz (2006)

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Omer (Sam Golzari) gets into the finals with Sally Kendoo (Mandy Moore) and he is expected to blow up the starring President Staton (Dennis Quaid) when he meets him. Omer can't go through with it and drops the explosives in the bathroom trash. Which is promptly picked up by embittered Willy Williams who caught his girlfriend Sally in bed with judge Martin Tweed Willy confronts Sally live on TV about her affair and threatens to blow himself up with the bomb he found in the bathroom while crying about Sally. Omer tries to talk him down but Willy won't listen, so Stanton provides the voice of reason, which makes his vice president proud. But Willy is determined and hysterically breaks into song as the building evacuates. The only ones left are Willy and Martin Tweed - who feels Willy's performance must be captured on camera so he mans a camera and moves closer. At the end of the song Martin Tweed moves so close that he bumps into the button as Willy moves forward and detonates them both.


Plot hole: Cutting plastic explosive and disguising it as chewing gum wouldn't hide the smell from bomb sniffing dogs.

Mark Poliner
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Omer: You have been Omerized.

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