2 Days in the Valley
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Dosmo Pizzo: What the fuck happened?
Lee Woods: Does every other word have to be fuck? Is that the extent of your vocabulary?
Dosmo Pizzo: It fucking bothers you? I didn't fucking know.

Wes Taylor: Alvin, can I ask you a question?
Alvin Strayer: I hate it when people ask if they can ask a question. Just ask it.

Detective Creighton: I know we're Valley detectives so we're not all that bright, but how stupid does he think we are?

Lee Woods: Nobody realises how valuable it is until they only have one left.

Dosmo Pizzo: How did you find me?
Lee Woods: In the phone book under Washout.

Lee Woods: You have one minute to decide the rest of your life.

Allan Hopper: How can you take this loser's word? You can't believe him.
Teddy Peppers: I'll take his word over yours. It's been my experience, more often than not, that a loser has more honor than a winner.

Dosmo Pizzo: You better tell him I'm not fucking around, Susan.
Susan Parish: He's not fucking around.

Revealing mistake: When the blond lady dies, she is seen in a body bag. Look at her nostrils as they widen, revealing that she is not quite dead.

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