The Robe

The Robe (1953)


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Diana: Then all the tales I've heard of you are true.
Marcellus Gallio: Every man makes enemies.
Diana: All your enemies seem to be women.


Emperor Tiberius: When it comes, this is how it will start. Some obscure martyr in some forgotten province, then madness. Infecting the legions, rocking the empire, then the finish of Rome.

Emperor Tiberius: After forty years with Julia, my approaching death holds few terrors for me.

Caligula: You put him to death? Then why are you risking your life for him?
Marcellus Gallio: I owe Him more than my life.

Marcellus Gallio: Surely you don't believe he rose from the dead.
Justus: He lives more surely than we do.
Marcellus Gallio: He's dead! And no moonstruck girl can sing him to life again.
Justus: How do you know that he's dead?
Marcellus Gallio: The soldier told me. The soldier who saw the lance thrust into his side. The soldier who was - out there.
Justus: What's wrong?
Marcellus Gallio: Were you out there?

Diana: No, Marcellus, they'll kill you.
Marcellus Gallio: You must have faith.
Diana: Faith in what? This new God of yours? How can he help you? He couldn't help his own son. They crucified him and they'll kill you too.

Demetrius: Until now you only remembered what you did to a man. The wrong, and your shame. But now - you remember the man.

Pontius Pilate: Even my wife had an opinion.

Demetrius: You're afraid, but you really don't know the reason why. You think it's his robe that made you ill. But it's your own conscience, your own decent shame. Even when you crucified him you felt it.

Pontius Pilate: Give me water to wash my hands.

Diana: Perhaps you don't believe that a girl of eleven could fall in love, and stay in love all these years.
Marcellus Gallio: Don't cry, my love. Lucia thought I was in love, and I laughed at her, but women are wise in these matters.

Continuity mistake: Jesus's garment appears to shrink during this movie. It covers him at one stage, but ends up small enough to drape over Richard Burton's shoulders.

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