The Quick and The Dead

The Quick and The Dead (1987)


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Con Vallian: I work hard, every day of my life, just stayin' alive.

Purdy Mantle: It ain't never too late, unless you're dead.

Con Vallian: You're going to have a choice. Them or me.

Con Vallian: Shoot to kill. Wounds don't impress them. They've all been shot before.

Doc Shabitt: Go on in there, Red... we hear a shot, we'll know you bought the farm.

Character mistake: When Vallian prepares to leave the homestead, McKaskell asks him how his chest wound was. Vallian was shot low on the right side, just above the gun-belt, and McKaskell, who removed the bullet, was quite aware of the location.


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Question: As Duncan prepares to kill Doc Shabbit, it sounds like Doc says it's hard to kill a man looking him in the eye, isn't it Bill? His name is Duncan not Bill, or am I mis-hearing it?

Answer: He says "ain't it, pilgrim?"


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