The Quick and The Dead

The Quick and The Dead (1987)

3 mistakes - chronological order

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Character mistake: When Vallian prepares to leave the homestead, McKaskell asks him how his chest wound was. Vallian was shot low on the right side, just above the gun-belt, and McKaskell, who removed the bullet, was quite aware of the location.


Factual error: Throughout the film Doc Shabbit is carrying a rifle that is supposed to be a Henry repeater. If you look closely it is a Model 1892 Winchester with the forearm removed and a piece of metal welded on the magazine tube to simulate the magazine plunger. The plunger is up against the front of the receiver, which indicates the magazine is empty. Most weapons carried by other characters are pretty much period correct, but a main character has a cobbled up weapon.

Factual error: When Red prepares to sneak into the camp, Doc Shabbit says if they hear a shot it will mean that he "bought the farm". However, this phrase didn't come into use until well into the 20th Century, when the US Military began paying death benefits. That insurance was enough to pay the mortgage or "buy the farm".

Purdy Mantle: It ain't never too late, unless you're dead.

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Question: As Duncan prepares to kill Doc Shabbit, it sounds like Doc says it's hard to kill a man looking him in the eye, isn't it Bill? His name is Duncan not Bill, or am I mis-hearing it?

Answer: He says "ain't it, pilgrim?"


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