The 10th Kingdom

Other mistake: The second time Virginia goes down the slide in the 9th Kingdom, you can see that it is a stunt double hurrying to get off at the end.


Other mistake: In the boat with the golden fish, the sign next to the fish says that you must stick your finger in the fish's mouth, then turn around until you "face south". Later, Tony sticks his finger in the fish's mouth and doesn't make any turning motion, yet he still gets the golden touch ability.

Other mistake: After Virginia wins the mirror in the shepherdess competition, she and Tony are in the barn and they hear Sally screaming. Immediately after her screams are heard, a man runs into town and says that she has been murdered. Between the screams and the man announcing the murder, there wasn't enough time for Sally to have screamed at her grandfather, been killed by him, and then been discovered dead.

Plot hole: When Wolf and Tony find Virginia in the Huntsman's tree house, she tells them that he chained her up, so she can't go downstairs and open the door from the inside. However, after Wolf climbs her hair and enters through the window, the two of them walk down the stairs without any chains stopping her. They couldn't have cut her free with the magic ax because Tony was holding it, and he was downstairs by the door.

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Virginia: "For seven men, she gave her life. For one good man, she was his wife. Beneath the ice by Snow White Falls, there lies the fairest of them all."

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Question: Why does Tony hear horses galloping every time his bad luck strikes again?

Answer: It's the sound of his bad luck coming.

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