Never So Few

Never So Few (1959)

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Plot hole: When the Allies blow up the airfield they pour gunfire from the backs of the trucks into the tents where the Japanese soldiers are eating. If you watch carefully you will see that the Allied guys in the truck nearest the screen are pouring lead through their comrades in the other truck. Another classic case of 'friendly fire'.

Factual error: In the scene where we see a DC-3 making a air drop over the jungles of "Burma" they fly over the ancient city of Sigiriya (a mountain fortress built around 473AD) which is actually in the country of Sri Lanka.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where we see Steve McQueen in a jeep waiting for the plane to taxi, he is chewing gum. He then he takes the gum out and sticks it on the top part of the windscreen frame of the jeep. In the next shot the jeep arrives where the plane is and there is no sign of the gum on the windscreen frame.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where we see Frank Sinatra and other soldiers leave the hospital ward, and follow a nurse into the Colonel's office to protest about the awful meals they were given to eat. On the Colonel's desk is a revolver in it's holster. In the next wide angle shot of the room the revolver is out of it's holster on the desk. (01:10:40 - 01:11:10)


Col. Fred Parkson: Want you and Danny to take a holiday. Pick any rest area in the Himalayas. Take two weeks.
Capt. Tom Reynolds: Holiday? No. Out of the question. I couldn't stay out of the hills for two weeks.
Col. Fred Parkson: Kachins got by for hundreds of years before you... and they'll get by long after I spit on your grave.

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