Stander (2003)

Ending / spoiler

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McCall, Stander and Heyl buy a boat and make plans to leave the country. Heyl and Stander head to pick up McCall but find police surrounding the building. McCall fires on the cops, only to be shot to death. Heyl and Stander escape. Heyl heads to Greece while Stander uses of the identity of the lookalike who keeps getting arrested to catch a plane to Fort Lauderdale. After wishing his father goodbye over the phone, Stander is pulled over by Ft. Lauderdale police for speeding. After assaulting an officer, Stander is shot to death. Heyl is caught in Greece and extridited to South Africa to be sentenced. Bekkie commits suicide.

Matt P.

Andre Stander: I'm tried for robbing banks. But, I have killed unarmed people.
Judge: That is not the business of the court.

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