Saturn 3

Saturn 3 (1980)


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Benson: Now tell me. Can you talk? Or are you malfunctioning?
Hector: I AM not malfunctioning - you ARE.

Benson: Saturn 3. When they want to give the Solar System.
Adam: - give the Solar System an enema, that's where they stick the tube in. We've heard that one.

Alex: Haven't you even had a dog?
Benson: A few times.
Alex: Well, didn't they have names?
Benson: Just something to eat.

Benson: Yes, you have a great body. May I use it?

Benson: Are you aware of Alex?
Hector: Affirmative.
Benson: What do you think?
Hector: Beautiful.
Benson: What do you know about it? Don't get ideas about your station, Hector.
Hector: Killer.

Deliberate mistake: When Adam kills himself and Hector at the end, the explosion sends a lot of water and parts of Hector into the air. But there is no sign of Adam's blood, body parts or clothing, despite the fact that the bomb was strapped to him. (01:16:10)


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