The Hills Have Eyes

Revealing mistake: As Bobby and Brenda are loading the bodies into the van, Lynn can be seen breathing.

Revealing mistake: When the dad goes back to the gas station and finds the attendant in the outhouse, when he shoots himself his head blows a split second before the gun is actually fired.

Revealing mistake: At the start when the mutant is swinging one of the researchers with a pickaxe, as he swings him into the side of a rock face, the rock shakes. (00:01:55)

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Continuity mistake: As Brenda leaves the table asking "Does anyone need anything?", we see Bobby sitting by the table. When it cuts Bobby suddenly got something between his lips which weren't there before.


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Big Bob: Bobby, leave Doug alone. He's a democrat. He doesn't believe in guns.

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Question: When Pluto sneaks in the trailer and orders the other mutants to set Bob on fire, Ethel exits the trailer. How come she didn't notice Pluto on her way out?

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Answer: Pluto puts his hand over Brenda's mouth and Ethel doesn't bother to look over.

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