The Hills Have Eyes

Corrected entry: Throughout the film we see the caravan door being opened outwards (and at times being closed with force, which shows it does not swing inwards). However, in the scene at the end of the film when the caravan is blown up, we see a shot in which some matches have been attached to the bottom of the door and the striking piece of the match box stuck to the caravan floor, which means that when the door was opened the caravan would not actually have blown up.

Correction: The striking board was under the matches when the door was shut; the matches sparked as they were pulled off of it by the door opening.

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Corrected entry: When one of the mutants is on top of Brenda in the bed (when her brother and brother-in-law are about to come in and right before they see the father set bon fire), the mutant holds up his knife, which obviuously is rubber because it flops back and forth. (00:53:30)


Correction: That's not a knife. It is the antenna of the Walkie-Talkie Radio he was using.

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Corrected entry: When the family leaves the gas station to take the dirt road shortcut, the sun is casting long shadows as if it were approaching sunset. A few moments later, after the tires get blown out, the shadows are very short as if the sun were almost directly overhead. The inconsistency of the sunlight's shadows continues throughout the entire first part of the movie until the first nightfall scene.

Correction: The sun was casting long shadows due to the fact that it was early morning, not sunset. Bob tells the shop-keeper that he loves driving at night, which is an indication that he had just finished a long night. Bob is constantly reminded that he looked very tired and was grouchy, another indication that he had driven throughout the night. Another observation to make is that there is a definite time-lapse between when they leave the station to when they are sabotaged, which explains the change in shadow.

Corrected entry: Even at close range, the shotgun blasts that Doug riddles Lizard with would have left much larger entrance wounds.

Correction: The guns smaller entry wounds are most likely do to use of slugs. Slugs will leave small holes because they only house one bullet. However, buckshot would leave much larger entry wounds at close range because they house many pellets which spread after exiting the barrel of the gun. As the entry wounds were about a quarter inch wide, we can assume that there were slugs in the gun instead of buckshot.

Corrected entry: When the man enters the crater filled with broken cars, he would have died of radiation poisoning due to the lasting effects of the nuclear explosion.

Correction: He may die of radiation, but not immediately. Observe the many survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki who died slow, painful deaths over years due to radiation poisoning.

Corrected entry: During many scenes in the movie the safety on Bobby's Pistol is engaged.

Correction: Which it should be when not actively firing the gun. He could easily be safing the gun when not in use, and forgetting to take the safety off in the heat of the moment, making it a character mistake, not a movie mistake. He may have been shown how to use the gun, but didn't have the extensive firearm training his policeman father would have had.

Corrected entry: When Billy tries to put his dead sister in the car, her body is limp and floppy. In reality, it would be stiff as a plank due to rigor mortis.

Correction: Rigor mortis takes hours to set in, furthermore, once livor mortis begins to set in, the body is no longer stiff as a plank. The stages of a dead body are: Algor mortis-the cooling of the body, in regular decline over a period of time, rigor mortis-the stiffening of the body, livor mortis-the pooling of blood in the body after death causing discoloration, and finally decomposition-the breaking down of the body, during which the body temperature begins to rise again. These stages last various amounts of time depending on many factors such as ambient air temperature. So, it is entirely possible for the body to be limp.

Visible crew/equipment: In the panning shot of the "Gas Haven" garage, the camera pans towards, and passes a car. As it pans past the car, the whole camera crane and crew are reflected in the car window. (00:05:00)

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Small Deformed Child: Mister, will you play with us?

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Question: When Pluto sneaks in the trailer and orders the other mutants to set Bob on fire, Ethel exits the trailer. How come she didn't notice Pluto on her way out?

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Answer: Pluto puts his hand over Brenda's mouth and Ethel doesn't bother to look over.

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