Domino (2005)

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As Domino and her fellow bounty hunters are about to deliver the money to Drake Bishop, owner of the hotel and casino, Alf reveals that he sent most of the money to Afghanistan; and that the bags with money have C4 explosives. A shoot out erupts between the bounty hunters, the mob and the FBI. Mob boss Cigliutti kills Drake Bishop. Domino, Ed and Choco barely make it out of there and as they're approaching the ground floor in an elevator, Alf sets off the explosives. Lateesha gets the $300,000 for her granddaughter's operation. Ed and Choco die.


Factual error: When Domino is talking about when her dad took her to the fair and won her a goldfish, she states this is 1993, but in the flashback of the stall where she won said fish, there are lots of "Finding Nemo" toys hung around the stall. This film did not come out till 2004.

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Ian Ziering: Come on, Bri. We're late, we're late.
Brian Austin Green: Dude, it's fucking Mapquest. I told you, never again with that piece of shit.

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Question: What is the name of the movie's title song? It goes something like 'Try to make a living, working."

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