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16 Blocks (2006)

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Corrected entry: The district attorney knows that Eddie is about to testify against a corrupt cop (they showed Eddie a picture) and then all of a sudden every cop in the city is looking for Mosely and Eddie? What DA wouldn't have noticed this and ordered the police to back off?

Correction: Character decision. Besides, it is implied that the DA was corrupt as well.

Continuity mistake: Watch the newspapers on the front of the bus when Mos Def is getting off. At one point there is a big hole and you can see out, but in the very next shot a newspaper is covering it again.

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Jack Mosley: Never met your sister?
Eddie Bunker: No.
Jack Mosley: Wow.
Eddie Bunker: So I'm going out to Seattle to meet her. I'm looking forward.
Jack Mosley: Maybe she turns out to look like Angelina Jolie.
Eddie Bunker: Shit, if she do, I hope she ain't my sister.

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Trivia: When the bad guys are chasing the bus and people are screaming, you can hear a Wilhelm scream during the scene. It happens around the time the tires are shot out.

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