Trail of the Pink Panther

Factual error: The Pink Panther has been stolen again. Closeau is looking at the French newspaper "Le Figaro" where everything is written in French, everything except the article titled, "Pink Panther Snatched Again".

Continuity mistake: Closeau gets tripped by a man walking his dog while on the way home from the market. He starts spilling either salt or sugar all the way home. As he gets of the elevator at his home he leaves a trail out of the elevator and to his door. His neighbor lady comes into the hallway and he performs a little softshoe. Now the problem is, when he left the elevator he hadn't spilled much if any in there. When his neighbor makes her way towards the elevator, there is a big pile of the sugar/ or salt in the elevator that wasn't there just before the camera angle change.

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Deputy Comissioner Lasorde: Read this most carefully and give me your opinion.
Insp. Jacques Clouseau: I will read my opinion and give you yours most carefully.

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Trivia: Actor David Niven was, in fact, terminally ill with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) when he appeared in both "Trail of the Pink Panther" and "Curse of the Pink Panther" before his death in 1983. Niven's illness was so debilitating that his voice often completely failed him while filming, such that it was necessary to hire celebrity impressionist Rich Little to overdub Niven's voice in both films.

Charles Austin Miller

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