Eight Below

Answer: Three of them. DJ who played Demon in Snow Dogs played Mac. Koda was Yodel and Maya. Buck was Sniff and Old Jack.


Question: In the movie there are eight dogs and one dies falling on the snow, which leaves seven. In the end there are six. Did I miss one? Thank you very much for your help.


Chosen answer: Yes you missed Old Jack, who's too old to go with the others on their journey and dies at base camp.

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Question: Why did Maya give up in the end? I know she was bitten in the leg, but she can still walk around on the other 3 legs?

Answer: She may be able to walk on three legs, but traveling a long distance and keeping up with the other dogs in such extreme circumstances would be too much and would be extremely painful. Also, seal bites often cause a serious bacterial infection which would quickly sicken and incapacitate Maya.

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Answer: Mya did survive because max wouldn't leave her behind.

Answer: Two dogs, Old Jack and Dewey, do not survive.

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Question: So, how do they find the dogs?

Answer: I believe they returned to the base camp. The dogs apparently stayed in the area and, although there were no dogs when the people first got to the camp, the dogs heard them and came over the hill.


Continuity mistake: when Maya goes to lasso the Doctor after he fell through the ice, her left paw is through the loop in the rope, but when it cuts to the Doctor and back, the loop is shorter and horizontal.

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Mindo: Do you know why I told you this story?
Jerry Shepard: Because I won't find my dogs.
Mindo: The story's not about the dogs. It's about my father, honoring what the dogs had done for him.

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