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Scary Movie 4 (2006)

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Everyone lives through the SAW bathroom (except Dr Phil and Shaq)and Brenda ends up haveing sex with Jigsaw's twin Zoltor and Brenda ends up haveing a baby Jigsaw and James Earl Jones ends up geting hit by a bus saying the final line from "War Of The Worlds" then Tom goes on an episode of Opra and goes crazy and ends up breaking Oprah's hands then Tom hits her with a chair then he goes to the screen and goes black.

Adam Steinborn

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Continuity mistake: When CJ is cooking beans, it fades out showing the tent, and in the background you can see a brown horse. When it cuts to Mahalik opening the tent it is a white horse instead. (00:11:00)


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Oliver: This isn't a war. This is like humans fighting maggots. Or dragons fighting wolves. Or humans on dragons throwing wolves at maggots.

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Question: How come King Kong is on the ad smoking a cigar? He wasn't in the movie or anything.

Answer: Ads are often made months before the final editing of any movie. Therefore, it's not unsual for something to be in an ad but not in the final movie (or to happen differently, or a different shot, or different music, etc.).


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