Basic Instinct 2

Kevin Franks' death at the start of the film was just a bizarre accident. The real murderer was in fact Dr. Glass, who had been driven insane as a result of Catherine's behaviour towards him, the fact that Washburn was blackmailing him and the knowledge that his ex-girlfriend had been cheating on him throughout their relationship. Glass ends up being committed, and Catherine thanks him for providing such good material for her next novel, dropping in a hint that she may have manipulated him into doing what he did.


Visible crew/equipment: When the girl is bleeding to death in the bathroom you can see a reflection of a camera in the sinks and cabinets.

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Roy Washburn: What were you doing at 100 miles per hour?
Catherine Tramell: He was making me cum. And it was 110. We must've hit a pothole.
Roy Washburn: Kevin Franks died. You don't seem very worried.
Catherine Tramell: I'm devastated... I may never cum again.

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