Gacy (2003)


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John Wayne Gacy, Jr.: What, you never seen a clown before?

John Wayne Gacy, Jr.: Wanna get high?

Kara Gacy: God only knows what you're doing in there.
John Wayne Gacy, Jr.: What I am doing in that garage is all business related.

Dave: You are all um, truly fortunate to have as a friend and colleague, uh, Mr. John Wayne Gacy.

Det. Ritzik: We'd like to search your house.
John Wayne Gacy, Jr.: You got a warrant?
Det. Ritzik: Well, no.
John Wayne Gacy, Jr.: Fuck off, douchebag.

Factual error: The movie takes place in Des Plaines, Illinois, with a couple of scenes from downtown Chicago. However, throughout the movie you can see both palm trees and mountains in the background, none of which actually exist in Illinois. The producers also point this out on the DVD commentary.


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