Smashing Time

Smashing Time (1967)

7 mistakes

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Revealing mistake: During the pie fight sequence Brenda is obviously wearing a wig as her hair suddenly becomes twice as thick as it was before.

Continuity mistake: During the food fight in the pie shop, Brenda gets hit by a pie, which leaves a mess on the side of her head but when she joins in the food fight her hair is clean. At the end of the fight, the pie has reappeared on the side of her head.

Continuity mistake: In the final scene as the girls are walking down the street away from the disastrous party at the post office tower, there is a white VW beetle parked on the left-hand side of the road, when they decide to return home up North they turn round and walk back the way they came the white beetle has disappeared.

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Revealing mistake: The pie shop manager comes out of his office and sees the food fight he turns around and returns to his office as he shuts the door the wall shakes.

eric 64

Visible crew/equipment: When Brenda is waiting for Yvonne outside the cafe you can see the film crew reflected in the windows of two cars that go past.

Continuity mistake: When Brenda leaves the cafe after the food fight she is clean, but during the food fight her face, clothes and hair were messed up.

Continuity mistake: Outside the cafe Brenda twice falls into a muddy puddle but a few seconds later her clothes are dry.

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