High Society

High Society (1956)


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Mike Connor: Liz, I know I'm not destiny's dream man but.
Liz Imbrie: Mike, I think I'd better grab you. You're likely to get in trouble one of these days.


Mrs. Seth Lord: This is Miss Elizabeth Imbrie and Mr Mike Macauley Connor. They're from Spy magazine.
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Spy? Say your tastes have changed a little haven't they, Sam?

Mike Connor: Have you heard the story of a boy a girl, unrequited love?
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Sounds like pure soap opera.
Mike Connor: I may cry.
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Tune in tomorrow.

Mike Connor: You know how I feel about my grandmother but I'd sell her for a drink.

Mike Connor: This joint's full of spies.
Liz Imbrie: That should make us feel at home.

C. K. Dexter-Haven: You'll find it under Harvard Classics. Just give Darwin a little nudge.

Mike Connor: I'm gonna dance.
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Don't get hurt.

Tracy Lord: Help me off the pedestal.
Seth Lord: Watch out for that first step, it's quite a tumble.

C. K. Dexter-Haven: They met in a hole in the ground.

Louis Armstrong: What goes on around here? There's a dark horse in this here race and my boy's running a slow third.

Caroline Lord: Mother, don't you think it's stinking of Tracy not to invite father to the wedding?
Mrs. Seth Lord: Yes, just between us, I think it's good and stinking.

Tracy Lord: There are fairies at the bottom of my garden all ringing little bells.

Tracy Lord: One thing's for sure. You're well rid of me.
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Oh, no, no-one can say that but me.

Tracy Lord: Mother, don't you think Caroline is old enough to be sent to a good military school?

Tracy Lord: Oh, it got dark all of a sudden.

Liz Imbrie: You know something professor, I think you dropped a loop.

Tracy Lord: Isn't it a fine day. Is everybody fine? That's fine.

Tracy Lord: Do you like my dress?
Uncle Willie: Oh yes, it's quite beautiful.
Tracy Lord: It's awfully heavy.

Mike Connor: Would you have four footmen bring me a large ashtray.
Liz Imbrie: Mike, be careful what you say. We may be wired for sound.

Caroline Lord: Dexter, are you ever going to get married again?
C. K. Dexter-Haven: Sure I am, I'm just waiting for you to grow up.
Caroline Lord: Oh Dexter, for you I'll hurry.
C. K. Dexter-Haven: You're gonna have to.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where George takes Samantha into the lounge room to lie down, as she reclines on the lounge you see the shadow of the boom microphone on the ceiling moving.

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