Aladar and his group find a safer path to the nesting grounds. He tells Kron and the other dinosaurs about the safer way before they walk through a rocky and more difficult terrain. One of the Carnotaurs kills Kron. Aladar leads the Carnotaur to a cliff and it falls. Some time later: Neera and Aladar and a bunch of other dinos have kids. Plio narrates that she doesn't know if there will be any changes in the future and that life goes on and she hopes that the time of the dinosaurs will be remembered...

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Factual error: The average Iguanodon is estimated to have weighed around 3.4 tons, while Carnotaurus probably weighed about 1.5 tons. By this logic, during the final Carnotaurus encounter, the rocks at the edge of the cliff should have crumbled when Kron tried to escape, but remained intact until the Carnotaur was at the edge of the cliff. This is because the Carnotaurs in the film are inaccurately depicted as being T-Rex - sized animals.

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Neera: Kron, we've never gone this far without water: if we keep going like this, we'll lose half the Herd.
Kron: Then we save the half that deserves to live.

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Trivia: The film was originally conceived by filmmaker Paul Verhoeven and effects artist Phil Tippet while they were working on "RoboCop." They envisioned the film as a stop-motion feature that'd be more like a nature-documentary than a traditional narrative. It would have be darker, more violent and more realistic, and would end with the extinction of the dinosaurs after an asteroid hits Earth. Eventually, they left the project, and it was re-written as a more benevolent, family-friendly movie.


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Question: I have two questions: 1) What landmass did the asteroid land on? 2) Why didn't the asteroid's bright flash blind everyone because it exploded like a nuclear bomb?

Roman Curiel

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