The Last House on the Left

Visible crew/equipment: Near the end of the chainsaw sequence, a crewmember's hand is visible on Krug's back.

Revealing mistake: When Weasel says, "How's your back, baby?" to Phyllis, she spits in his face, but Weasel closes his eyes before she spits.

Revealing mistake: When the killers first pull out Phyllis's severed arm to show Mari, the fingers are moving.

Visible crew/equipment: When the girls go in Krug's hideout and he starts pushing them around, Junior steps in to help them and he gets knocked backwards. When this happens you can see the cameraman push him in the back so that he wont fall into the camera.

Revealing mistake: Mari breathes and moves when her parents find her body (the original intention was that she should still be alive at this point and would identify her attackers before dying).

Continuity mistake: When Weasel and Sadie are chasing Phyllis through the woods, Sadie takes off her jacket and throws it on the ground. It later reappears and then disappears again.

Continuity mistake: When the gang member sees Mari's friend across the river, he stops and his hand is on a tree. Shot changes and he's not holding a tree.


Revealing mistake: When Mari asks if the guy has any girl friends, when Mari leans back there are Black dots on her face from a dirty camera lense.


Continuity mistake: When the gang are bringing the girls to the trunk, junior holds onto the rope as the stairs are going up and he goes up with it. Next shot he's next to the car.


Plot hole: When in the woods, Mari's friend asks to put her clothes on. The man says that its OK, yet Mari puts on her clothes too, even though the man said that only the other girl could.


Continuity mistake: In the very beginning when Mari's mom is saying that God would not have given us clothes, Mari's hands are down. The shot changes, then they are up.


Continuity mistake: When Mari says she feels like a women, she stands up and is facing back. The shot changes and she's forward. (You can tell by the white buttons.)


Continuity mistake: When Mari and her friend sit on the rock in the woods, Mari is facing forward putting the bottle to her lips, but shot changes to a close-up and she's looking at Mari with no bottle.


Continuity mistake: When Krug and the gang stop and they get the girls out, one of them is whittling a stick, and the stick goes from barked to skinned in less than a minute, which is too fast to do.


Krug Stillo: Leave Sadie alone, you little toad, or I'll bust your butt with a lily pad.

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Question: What happened to Weasel after Estelle bit down on his dick?

Answer: She leaves him to bleed to death, which, without prompt medical attention, he surely will.

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