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Continuity mistake: After Popeye asks for an apology, the first guy grabbed offers his "hum-felt" apology, then gets thrown toward the door. After the shot cuts to see him go, there is a hat flying from his hand he didn't have..

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Continuity mistake: At the end of the "Food Food Food" song, Popeye gives Wimpy the hamburger, and starts a conversation. There are two ketchup bottles on Wimpy's left. At the beginning of the chat, both bottles are nearly empty with just about a 1/2 inch in both. As the shots progress, the one nearest Wimpy goes from nearly empty to completely full and back again several times.

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Continuity mistake: During the "I'm Mean" song when Bluto is destroying the Oyl's house, Bluto throws something out of the first of a set of three windows. Then a second later, he smashes out the same window, then the second window.

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Other mistake: As the people are going up the ramp to the Oyl's party, the man in the brown stops by the piling with a paper. As he bends over, there is a sound of the pelican pooping, and the man reacting to poop on his paper. The man and his paper are on one side of the piling, and the bird's tail is on the other. Couldn't have pooped on the paper unless he threw it.

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Audio problem: As the group approach Bluto's boat at Scab Island, Pappy is cranking a siren. A couple of seconds later, it sounds again, but he isn't touching it.

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Revealing mistake: After knocking Castor out, Oxheart kicks the unconscious form out of the ring. As the body flies past the camera, the dummy used must have bumped the camera, as it shakes for a second or two.

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Revealing mistake: At the end, in the fight with Bluto, Popeye was facing him on one side, goes underwater, and pops up on the other side. If you watch closely, the figure that goes under is the stunt double, as nobody can get from one spot to another about 15 to 20 feet away underwater in the space of three seconds. Also before Popeye comes up, you can see him underwater as the other figure goes under.

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Continuity mistake: At the Oyls' house, during the engagement party, Nana Oyl gives Bluto a cup of tea, and moves off across the room. A few moments later after he drinks the tea, he starts to eat the teacup, and we see Nana's hands in frame on the right side where she served from. In the next shot, she's all the way across the room, too quickly.

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Audio problem: At the beginning of the fight at Rough House's, after Popeye says "Enough is enough", it looks like he elbows the two nearest guys. If you look closely, they react a split second before the elbows get them, and the sound completes the illusion. Also, the last guy Popeye is punching in the face is moving just out of sync with the punches. The sound is like a punching bag, but his head is recoiling just a split second out of time.

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Continuity mistake: The gang of guys that knocked Popeye down and walked over him were the same ones that were moving a piano over the bridge where Popeye found his pipe only a minute before.

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Audio problem: After Swee'pea is safe and as they reach out to bring him in, the Undertaker is saying "Hoopla! Hoopla!" but his mouth isn't moving.

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Continuity mistake: Pappy's boat is 1/2 sunken in the harbor, sitting listed about 35 degrees to port (leaning about 35 degrees off center to the left side). Yet the interior shot shows the boat to be sitting about level, but about 5 degrees or so down at the bow (front).

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Geezil: Fooey! The Commadore. Besides Wimpy, I hate him best.

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Trivia: The voice for the animated Popeye was done by Jack Mercer who provided the voice for the Popeye the Sailor cartoons.

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Question: When Bluto was meeting in private with Wimpy, what were they talking about?

Answer: One, Bluto is a bully and threatened him, after all his name is Wimpy. Plus he most likely offered to buy him a hamburger, which he would have paid next Tuesday.

Answer: How did Bluto convince Wimpy to do it?

Answer: To grab Swee'pea, while everyone was cheering Popeye for dunking the Tax Collector.

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